Our Clients…

Step Above has visited middle schools, high schools, colleges, organizations and conferences around the country. They have performed and conducted workshops with audiences of students, parents and professionals.  They have been contracted by various agencies and organizations, including but not limited to the following:

…And What Audiences Say About Step Above

Middle School Student

“This was the only performance over seen that the characters are relatable by the way they look and talk”  (male), Atlanta conference 

Middle School StudentLatin American Alliance Student Leadership Conference
High School Student

“I learned a lot from the performance and am going to share it with others” 

High School StudentMidland Independent School District
High School Student

“I love the performance, it made me laugh, and it made me cry a little bit. I’m definitely going to share it with my nieces & nephews to help them with life.” 

High School StudentMidland Independent School District
Middle School Principal

“They were inspirational, they related to our kids” 

Middle School PrincipalMidland Independent School District
College Student

“They did an amazing job and I enjoy being exposed to their wisdom.”

College StudentDePauw University
College Student

“I was really entertained and really never thought that I would learn from activities like that.” 

College StudentKutztown University of Pennsylvania
High School Student

“It showed me where I stand in life.” 

High School StudentPennsylvania Migrant Education Program
High School Student

“You guys are pretty cool! ” 

High School StudentPhiladelphia Gear Up