#DoGood This Holiday Season with Step Above!

Step Above is built upon the understanding that we are all faced with challenges and we all have to make choices about how to tackle those challenges. There are some challenges that we can each handle individually, but there are others that require a group effort. HIV/AIDS is one of those challenges.

[Visit www.IGG.me/at/StepAboveHIVAIDS2014 to donate!]

This campaign will run from World AIDS Day to New Year’s Day, December 1st, 2014 to January 1st, 2015 to donate funds to HIV/AIDS education, research and to provide nutritious meals to those living with the disease. Last year, we met and surpassed our goal of raising $500 by raising over $1000 to donate to God’s Love We Deliver!

We also collected over 300 warm-weather clothing items to donate! If you live in the NY, NJ, PA area, and would like to donate warm-weather clothing, please email us at info@westepabove.com to arrange for a pick-up!

Let’s #DoGood!