#DoGood: Why this charity campaign?


Step Above is built upon the premise that “success is each step; success is the journey”. “Success” is not a journey that we travel alone. To receive, you must give. When we started Step Above, we recognized our responsibility, not only to give to others but also to provide others with an opportunity to give.

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, Step Above will launch its 2nd Annual #StepAboveDoGood HIV/AIDS Campaign on December 1st, 2014! We invite you to #DoGood by donating to help stem the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

So, why an HIV/AIDS campaign, and why December 1st? 

For one, December 1st is World AIDS Day. It is a day where people and organizations all over the world recognize the impact that HIV/AIDS has and had and participates in education campaigns around the disease. For nearly 10 years, the co-founders of Step Above have participated in HIV/AIDS awareness individually and through various organizations. This cause is personal for Step Above and we need your help to do our part!

Also, coincidentally, December 1st is the day Step Above was officially registered as an LLC. December 1st is our anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to give back and #DoGood in recognition of all that we have received over the years.

An important aspect of success is starting off strong and finishing strong! In that spirt, by participating in this campaign from December 1st to January 1st, we all end this year and start the new year to #DoGood and feel good!

Lastly, to truly celebrate this campaign and to celebrate all of the GOOD you have done, Step Above will host a party in New York City! Details to come.

Want to get involved? We’ll tell you exactly HOW on Monday, December 1st. Stay tuned…